Sunday, August 8, 2010

Listening about Love in Church

Today in church, I thought the speaker brought up a good point.  He was referencing the idea of whatever we love the most is what we will serve.  We should choose to love the Lord the most, so we naturally serve him and have charity.  Then he said when his mom was a young women's leader she would tell her girls, be careful who you fall in love with.  It is easy to love people.  That is really all he quoted from his mother.  But he mentioned he agrees with the idea, it is easy to look at someone's true soul and after getting to know them to them love them.  What he didn't say, and was obviously implying, or at least his mother was implying back in the day, is be careful who you fall in love with, it is easy to fall in love, and if you aren't careful you will fall in love with someone who might not have the same convictions you have. 
I whole-heartedly agree, be careful who you fall in love with.  I never had any intention of falling in love with Brent.  I've grateful that I did, but more than that, I'm grateful I fell in love with someone who shares my convictions and opinions.  Because I honestly had no intentions of being attached to him, it came silently like flaxen cord.  Luckily it wasn't sin I found, but a nice worthy priesthood holder.  I give him a hard time, because I told him I didn't want to be friends with him, because he was a return missionary, and return missionaries want to get married.  He said I don't want to get married; I'm not looking to be married.  But you see what happened, a year and half later we got married.  He still swears he wasn't trying to get married.  Anyway, this post went in a different direction that I planned.  But be warned mothers, tell your daughters and sons be careful who or what you fall in love with.

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