Friday, August 20, 2010

No Bug, No Itch

I know we use to want to buy a house, but right now that is the last thing on my mind.  I'm loving life right now, (except when I want to scream at my kids).  I seriously have so much fun, not being settled down, I feel too young to be settled down.  I had to grab something in the store today, and I came back to my car, the middle Subaru in a pile of three.  I thought about how much fun my husband and I, filling up the back, putting in our kids in, and just going.  We always seemed to be always going on our next adventure lately, and I been having so much fun.  The other day my grandma said, you two are so busy you should have wings you do so much.  How true, I feel like my red Subaru are my wings, takes us to were ever our fun is.  The more time passes the more of Brent and I's friends buy houses, and fill their houses with new trendy furniture.  I'm sure its a blast, but I honestly have no desire to do it right now.  I would rather have another baby right now then buy a house, and earlier today I thought, I can not have any more kids two make me go out of my MIND!
One day I will buy a house, one day I'll have another kid, but right now, I'm just too busy having fun with what I have.
But I realized the other day, buying a house is sort of like having a kid or getting married, at least in my American culture.  Couples who have chose not to have a kid yet, seem to always say, we are having too much fun, we don't have time.  Or when someone is single, and it seems all the girls around them get that itch, and everyone ends up engaged with in only a few months of dating their boyfriends, and the single person says that is the last thing I want, I do not have that itch.  That's how I feel about home ownership.  I do not have that bug, I don't have that itch.  I don't want to spend lots of money on new trendy furniture.  I'm restless, I'm ansty, I don't want to settle down, I don't even want to sign another year on my lease.  I want to see the state, I want to see the country, I want to see the world, but of course not without my family.  I'm really not the type of girl that leaves her kids.  There are a lot of things people want in life, but for me, the one thing I don't want to regret, is not seeing enough.  I don't want to move and tell people I never got around to it.  I want to see all 50 states, then I want to visit it the world.  I have started to visit the world, just haven't made it very far, only five countries isn't that much.  My grandfather went on an expedition to Antarctica when my dad was a kid, wouldn't it be cool to visit Antarctica, its actually not as impossible as it sounds, you can take a boat ride part of the year from Patagonia, Chile, to the tip of Antarctica, wouldn't that be awesome?  I have no time for new trendy houses, I have the world to see, live and travel.

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