Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Walking REI Ad

At some point in life we switched who we were. After almost two years of not being a scout master, apparently my husband has taken us on. And since then, we have become that type of family, that goes and wanders around REI in our spare time. We wander around looking at all the stuff we want. We don't buy it all but we buy plenty. We've become the type of family that is broke because we spend all our spare cash on camping gear. In our spare weekends we go camping.  We are just those people now.  In the last 6 months, we have bought a backpacking pack for my husband, a child-size backpack with a hydration bladder in it for my son.

Two children's sleeping bag.
A four person tent that is 6 lbs, so its doable for backpacking as a family. (Sort of, my husband wants something lighter.)
Oh and see that camp-stove also a new investment, but not REI brand like the rest of the products.  When we are camping I look around and feel like I'm in an REI commercial.

I have a love hate relationship with REI.  Really how much REI products do we need?  But their staff is well informed, their products are cheaper than others, quality and have good warranties, how could I say no?

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