Wednesday, August 4, 2010

End of the Month Party

We are friends with Brent's old mission buddy's family.  They are moving so we went to their going away part.  Here is my husband and daughter, and a whole lot of other people.

My daughter going for some water balloons.
My husband and his buddy he met in the MTC, Jake Shillig.
My kids and their youngest.  Like that my daughter is telling their baby off?  Yup, that's the type of child she is.  But in other baby stuff, there was a couple there that spoke Spanish, so they were talking to my husband.  They also spoke English, but they were speaking Spanish to my husband.  I do not speak Spanish, although its my husband dream that I do.  I had Spanish classes in school from third grade to 8th, so I can pick out words here and there. But my favorite was, when they said Nan's name in their Spanish sentences, it sounded so pretty, if I was obnoxious I might start telling people to pronounce it that way, but yet I'm not, so I guess one day we will have to move to Latin America so people pronounce my daughter's name all pretty like.

Then right before we left, my son wanted to cross the river with his dad, we were proud of him, he didn't realize part of it would be really high up, but he didn't freak out when he had to cross it.

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  1. I love the "telling off" picture, like a whole lot! Since I'm camera-less I think I'll steal it. I'm like you, I know just enough Spanish from HS to keep up w/the conversation but sometimes know not enough that I misunderstand completely haha. It is the same way with Jake's Mandarin. I wondered why I thought y'all left twice, crossing the river!!
    Thanks again for coming, seriously come to Orlando and stay w/us anytime!