Monday, August 2, 2010


My sister in law just sent me a book in the mail, called Too Many Toys. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh while reading it or cry because it hit so close to home; toys over run our lives.  My kids are exposed to all different toys: wooden ones, noisy ones, plain jane on sale plastic ones, not to mention plush polyester ones made in factories.  My mom likes nice classic wooden ones, my husband's mother likes noisy ones, because then you know where your kids are, while I tend to over shop in the polyester plushy aisle.  I rarely buy toys, my kids are usually given toys by people, especially their grandma's, but never by their father. If they ever get a toy from me other than on their birthday or Christmas, they pick it out and it is almost always a plastic toy.
  My daughter loves plastic bald babies (dolls), we have more plastic bald baby dolls than any under 2 year old girl should have.  I was 100% ok with her fascination with plastic bald babies, until I saw this slide show, then I wondered why doesn't my daughter like beautiful cloth dolls?  Hmm, maybe she hasn't had a chance, maybe she needs some cloth dolls. Then again maybe its because she is not 8 and because she is not posed.
Even though I don't think plastic is cuddly, plastic bald babies, look a whole lot more like real people than any cloth doll does. She has an ingrain knowledge of where real babies are, I never taught her, but boy is she good a pointing out real bald babies. And so the cloth doll looks more beautiful, but the plastic doll looks more.... realistic?  I guess in the eyes of 19 month old. 
Still we only have one cloth doll and she was probably made in China.  Do you think I have the energy for something like this. Probably not, and I doubt I have the skills. And just for the record, I'm pretty sure this is the cutest set the Black Apple Lady has ever made.
I didn't expect for the post to end with a hopeless craft, maybe this belongs on my craft blog, since I'm too tried to sew right now.

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