Monday, August 2, 2010

Embarrassed, and so wordy!

Editor's Note: I'm pretty sure I was feverish when I wrote this, if its a little eccentric even for me, you'll know why.

I do not have a blog roll full of people I don't know.  I use to read lots of blogs of people I don't know, but when it got to the point that I wanted to know more information about people I never met in real life, I had to turn it off.  It was weird, you just shouldn't know so much about people you never met.  Ok, truth be known, I could careless how much all y'all know about people you have never met, you could read celebrity gossip all day, and read blogs of people you don't know all day, but really that's just not for me.  There are a few "professional bloggers" I glance at about once a week, but only for a pretty post or a good laugh.  I don't want any intimate details about their lives. And well there are plenty of more bloggers that aren't professional that will give you ample information about their lives, like me.  But really I'm self absorbed, and assume you are, so I don't expect you to look at my blog.  Unless you know me in the real world some how, but then again, I don't even expect that.  But if I do know you in the real world even just casually good chances are your blog is on my google reader.  I was once told I don't leave much to imagination on my blog.  I never learned the skill of not hanging my dirty laundry out, I guess.  I think my mom wished I was always a little more tactful than I am. The point is I've made progress.
Actually that isn't the point at all.  The point is, I normally don't read random blogs, I especially don't like to read about strangers that live in my same state, and well that takes out about 75% of the bloggers that have anything in common with my life.  Have you ever notice that Mormons are what like 2% of the population, a little less, but yet take up like 75% of the female bloggers out there.  
This is not the point either, back to my confession of spending the other afternoon blog stalking, I was so tired, and I thought I wanted to sew, but it turns out what I really wanted to do was pull all my material out on my bed, then stare at a computer screen and let my brain collect low doses of serotonin.  So low that I would have been in a better mood staring at a wall, but just enough that I never wanted to pull myself away.
Anyway, so I found this blog, and I was laughing until I cried, the way she described her kids was so funny and so relate-able to me. Any person who says something to effect of the secret to a great blog is neglect and chocolate frosting is right up my alley. But I'm not a good blog stalker, so I don't read all the posts, I skip most until I find ones that interest me. Although I was laughing until I cried at some posts, thats not what I sharing with you. Here are two good nuggets, for all us to remember in life.
1. From this post "My friend Barbara (you all know Grannybabs, right? She's awesome) suggested this absolute gem on her blog, "Specialization is the key to appearing competent." Memorize that. It's a great homemaking tip. Barbara says she knows how to sew aprons and make homemade mac and cheese, pumpkin cookies, and jam. That's it! But she's really good at those things and people think she's a very  snazzy homemaker. Find your four things and live your life. This is a true pearl of wisdom. Thanks Barbara!"
So true, I'm not good at most stuff, I just stick to what I know, like sewing baby blankets, making doll slings, and baking cupcake.  This summer if I had to bring a side dish, I brought chopped up apples, crasins or raisins all mixed up in cool whip.  Seriously I bought that salad to four different functions this summer, easy, sweet tasting, and not broken, so why come up with anything other else. But wait I need a fourth skill, reading YA fiction.  Its amazing how awesome you look in public if you are half way through a novel while sitting in the doctors office instead of reading a magazine.  That being said, I'm more often found with a magazine.
2. From this post "Emma Thompson gives the best advice when she tells Maggie Gyllenhaal that you can't have it all. It's the post-feminist truth. You don't need it all and you can't have it. I don't. But I have enough. You might think that I'm a fantastic blogger and my children are charming but I have a really fat stomach and I have to suck in all the time and it is very tiring. I might think you have a great life and shapely legs but your blog is really boring. See? None of us have it all. ... I like what Emma Thompson says about this. It's kind of a revelation." I completely agree, you can not have it all, life is about choosing what you want and not worrying about what doesn't fit. But see what did I say, so funny, this blogger chick totally has the sense of humor of the type of girls I would find at EFYs and would laugh so hard the whole week.  Who cared about finding boys, it was really all about finding a really really funny girl to be friends with and laugh at her syncism the whole week.  Boys come and go and are always stinky, until you find the one that you want to marry, but he is still slightly stinky, and you are willing to put up with it.  Yes, boys come and go, but humor lasts, I still laugh about some of the jokes that my EFY friends said.  Ahh, humor! Truth be known once again, I was plenty boy crazy, for taller than me mormon boys who I never met before.

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