Saturday, August 14, 2010

Packing Lists for Backpacking

Ready for more backpacking stuff!  I'm afraid I'll lose my list for next year.

Per Person
My daughter was terrified from the thunder.
1 tee shirt
1 pair of pants
1 long john top and bottom
2 undies
2 pairs of socks
1 rain jacket
1 beanie
1 brimed hat
1 plastic $1 pancho
1 whistle
1 bowl
1 plastic spoon (they are lighter than metal)
(1 fleece jacket) (depending on the person, J and are always cold camping, while Brent is not)
(pair of light weight shoes)-- depending on how you role, a pair of light weight shoes to give your feet a rest when you aren't hiking like water socks or something. I brought crocs for my kids, but we might not bring them next time, because the kids don't have as much weight in their tennis shoes as we do. We never used the cros

Per Pack (this list is for two adults with large packs, and two small kids)
2 black trash bags
1 jumbo ziploc
1 flashlight (you want a light weight one)
1 emegerancy blanket
1 small tube of sun screen
1 small bug spray
1 lighter
2 sleeping abg
1 small towel
2 Nalgene bottles

Per group
1 stove
1 fishing pole (we need a lighter reel, my husband loves to fish and has a backpacking rod)
first aid kit and mole skin
toliet paper and shovel
3 sleeping pads (we are all small so we share the three among us four)
tin foil
water purifier
tampons (one thing I read said women should always carry a few, even if not expecting to need them)
duct tape, just a little bit, so to save weight but to fix a broke pack or something
light point and shoot camera
tweezers/fingernail clippers
4 light toothbrush (like travel ones, with caps discarded)
toothpaste (or a little bit of baking powder to save weight, this past time we all used a half used small kids favored paste)
lip balm
parachute cord-- 50 ft (its lighter than rope)
Just for the record, my son wears pullups at night, and my daughter is in diapers.  We brought only two pullups for J, and few extra diapers, I think we came back with four.  Then a whole pile in the car.  When you start backpacking with kids, you want to be within a few miles of the car, with extra supplies in the car, just in case.  Kids are durable, and rubbery, but at the same time, easily traumatized.  

When it was all over, we drove to this waterfall also in the National Forest, but it was next to a parking lot, no need to hike.  See look, we survived, same day we hiked out.
Although it was almost problematic.  If we would have hiked anymore, I don't know if I would have survived at the waterfall.  You could follow the steep falls for awhile by walking down cement stairs. If I would have backpacked longer, I think I would have collapsed, I felt like I had marathon legs (you know how people who finish marathons can't use stairs for a few hours afterward.). Anyway, we had fun, and can't wait to do it again.
P.S. if you notice, none of us are wearing jeans. They are heavy and slow drying. Cargos are a definite plus.
We also brought no toys, other than thumb sucking blankets and a sippy cup.  Dirt, rocks, flowers, and grass are the best toys anyway.  Next time we won't bring a sippy cup, because she is outgrowing them.  But definitely useful for toddlers, or babies.

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  1. This is great! All your backpacking with kids posts are wonderful. I will definitely be consulting you when I do my backpacking post. What an awesome mom!