Saturday, August 28, 2010

School Holiday

My husband had three or four weeks off of school in August.  Life was quite dreamy, as you know we went camping multiple times, we spend week nights together, we did nothing and everything all at the same time.  It was glorious. But when the vacation from school started, I was extremely nervous, and apprehensive, I was worried about Fall Semester starting again, I didn't think I could handle another year of what last year was.  Luckily the vacation started with a Fast sunday, so I was totally able to enjoy vacation, I gave away my apprehension and enjoyed our couple of weeks of freedom.
Near the end of of the break from school, my husband went canoeing with his friend, their dads, and a scout troop.  Normally when my husband is out of town, we barely survive we hold on for dear life and he comes back and everything falls apart.
But not this time!  We barely even missed him. That sounds bad, but its not, we missed him, sometimes I felt lonely for his missing being in our lives, but it was only 4 days, and we didn't pine, although we might have whined.  There was only one time I thought I couldn't handle it, and that was when we were 30 minutes late to playgroup in the park, and my son was crying screaming at me because he skinned his knee and I didn't have a bandaid. But whether or not he was out of town or not, he wouldn't have been in the park, soo...
Anyway the point is we totally survived, we did more than survived, we lived.  We had fun even without him, we never needed to go eat a McDonalds.  Sure I bought two expensive books, I seem to have no financial self control without him around, I go shopping to make me miss him less, I guess?
But the point of all this, poorly written emotion, is I will totally be able to survive the second and last year of the MBA. 
Life is good.
Sort of, Brent has three classes, instead of two the first five weeks of the semester, each day he came home from his classes, for three days in a row and told me, its going to be a hard semester.  Each day I got tireder and tiredered.  But what I have going for me, is I'm not nursing, I'm not going to be weaning, and so my hormones should stay regular.  More information that you wanted?  Just keeping it real.
But after that canoeing trip, I know I can survive!

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