Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Hose

Lots of people want things...
like a house
or just a yard
or a garage
I'm not worried about any of those things, all I really want in life is a hose.
Yes, a hose.
A hose, then I could hose off my car after a camping trip.
A hose, then I could water our plants in one effort, instead of 5 trips.
A hose, then I could hose off my children's muddy toys.
A hose, then my kids could scream in the sprinkler (they already do, just not on my time-- the groundskeeper's schedule.
A hose, then I could hose out dirty children's crocs.
A hose, sounds so glamorous.
A hose, that's when I've arrived in life.
I don't even need my own hose, I would share just like a share a parking lot, and the green space.
Just for the record I have had access to hoses before, I just took them for granted.
Oh, a hose.


Excuse me, I must go dream about my future hose.

Note: I have a huge patio, and lots of green grass, trees and shade in my apartment complex, even a pool, an old tennis court, picnic tables and a playground. Not to mention two cars (but no garage, just one covered parking place). All I'm missing in life is a hose.

1 comment:

  1. come use ours anytime! I never realized how much such a simple thing could mean to someone. Someday you will have more hoses then you ever had before, all tangled together and running crisscross across your own yard!