Friday, August 6, 2010

Maybe Crazy

I might be crazy, but this time it is not fever induced.  I am thinking about potty training my daughter come October, I don't want accident around my birthday.
She would 21 months, which is even younger than I potty trained my son, I think he was about 26 months.
But I think she is ready, she stays dry for hours, she wants to change her own diaper, and wipe herself.  I started trying to teach her how to pull her pants up and down.  Not to mention she loves to be big! Not to mention I hate changing diapers, I would rather clean up accidents, then change diapers, changing diapers is 100% guaranteed mess, accidents is like playing the lottery, sometimes you get lucky and don't have to deal with human waste and other times you don't get lucky.
My only hang up is she doesn't know how to talk.  But then I found this, potty training sign language!
I also need a taller stool for the sink.

(I go to church with a girl that potty trained both her boys at 12 months, she said right after they were comfortably/skillfully walking.  Dr. Acredolo did say, "Contrary to popular belief, toddlers are often ready to start training as early as 12 to 18 months.")

Since I wrote this, my baby has also started telling me when she wets her diaper, yup she is ready.

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  1. I don't think it is crazy at all!
    Mali Su was ready way early, and aimi lark was ready way late.
    I think I'll start malachi earlier since we have a yard, he can run around with very little clothing haha