Friday, August 27, 2010

Me Equals L

I've pretty much always been obsessed with my initials, more so than my actual names.  I love initials, so much so, that I care more about my children's initials when I am pregnant than their name.
So of course as initial jewelry became trendy I thought it would be great to own some.  I never thought it was affordable.  (Actually I have picked up a few affordable L necklaces over the years, but none the less, a girl can always have more glam. Plus some have gone the way of dust, so I always need more.)  I went to a craft fair the other day, and hoped I would fine a booth with such, but no.  Lots of other grungy trendy right now, pendants, but no monogram pendants.  Unfortuantely I don't know how silversmith, although I would love to learn, to take a class, but at this point no such skills, so I was thinking about other skills I have to make something.
When I decided to look at etsy, just to think longingly about such fashion.  When low and behold, I can afford people who don't have their own website.
Here are some of my favorites:
green wax seal monogram necklace
Another wax seal monogram
No-painted wax seal monogram necklace
Oh! and a fine silver wax seal necklace
Vintage Type Writer Key Monogram Necklace
Lets not forget a Scrabble Title
This isn't a monogram at all just super cute

I'm pretty fond of the wax seal monogram, I think I might save my online survey money for one, but at only $3 a survey, sometimes it takes a while to build my paypal supply.  It would be easy to spend a small fortune at etsy, so I usually only buy from what is in my paypal, never supplementing funds, to keep myself in moderation. 

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