Monday, August 8, 2011


Potty Training was potty training, after the nap was over.  That is not a positive statement.  Its hard to potty train in the evening, with dinner, and dad, and dad doing yard work, and him asking mom to help.  But I'm not giving a travel log.  What I am saying is, I'm stressed, I have to go visit someone tomorrow, and I have no pull ups.  I think pull ups are more effective than diapers, although I know not that great.  I really don't want my daughter to pee on someone else's carpet.  Although I plan on bringing my timer, and taking her to the bathroom every 30 minutes even if I'm at someone's house.
I was going to go to the store tonight, but it just didn't happen.
Brent is so not worried about anything, so when he agrees with me I get stressed out.  He agreed a pull up would be better than a diaper, but said we would survive either way.  Blah.

I take it back, some for a 40 pound boy, but that is not going to help very well for a 25 pound girl. I think the pull ups I have are the size of my daughters entire abdomen. Too big. I told you I made absolutely no planning, I have had the panties and potties for a year and other than that, nothing.

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