Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of Joy School

Today was the first day of Joy School, Nan had been looking forward to for the last week, actually the entire summer.  She was so excited to go to "her school" and have a backpack to wear just like J. 
She seems so young to me for school.  Probably because she is!  She is only two and half, but she has decided she needs it, so luckily we have friends we are obliging, all the rest of the girls are already three. I kind of wish we had one more year of no scheduling for her, but she has convinced me and I know this will be for the best for her.  She loves school.  I stayed and shadowed the class today, I wasn't sure if I could teach two hours of Joy School, why I was unsure I have no idea, I teach two hours of three year olds every week in church.  Anyway, Nan did great if I do say so myself, but she has more experience than most of the girls in class since she did group speech therapy last spring. Eventhough none of the mom's are trained speech therapy I'm hoping the social interaction well help her speech to continue to improve. She is in class two days a week, with five little girls total. I teach one week every five weeks, and then assist another week.  So two mornings a week for three weeks at I time I will be childless.  I don't know what I'm going to do with myself! I guess go to the dentist and all that stuff.
It makes me sad that my babies are all in school, but I'm glad they have the social interaction, and that I do too.  I love seeing the mom's at Joy School, and seeing the mom's at Kindergarten pick up.  Its so fun.

P.S. I love living here.

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