Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Probably the end

This is probably the end of the potty training posts.  Number two was so uneventful in comparison to three years ago. She has made a lot of progress since day one.  I'd pretty much say she is potty trained, plus she no longer goes in the kitchen.
Sure we are going to have 10 million accidents between here and her third birthday but she is potty trained.  She goes when she wakes up, and I still set the timer, and every hour she sits on the potty and about every other time she pees.  She knows how to sit on the potty and pee so that is good, because I don't think she figured it out until Saturday and we started on last Monday.  But I know my daughter's personality, and I knew once she figured it out she be done.  We can leave the house for about two hours and we stays dry while we are gone. Her diaper is dry after naps, but not during the night.  She doesn't need a diaper for naps, but since she is a crib, I decided better safe than sorry. She goes potty at church, she can sit on a big toilet all by herself, but she of course has no desire to leave Nursery to try and go, and so she had a pull up on.  I put pull ups on her when we run errands because I hate cleaning up pee in the grocery store, but I do the same thing I did with her brother and that is keep their underwear on under the pull up so its uncomfortable if they do have an accident. She doesn't care about potty treats, which is awesome since my five year old still asks for them!  He has been asking for the last 3 years! She stopped caring about potty treats on Friday, and the only thing she ever REALLY cared about was lip gloss not candy.  She was furious if I wouldn't let her put it on when she had an accident.  Which is why I bought the lip gloss because I knew she would like it better than candy.  Now she doesn't even care about that after she goes potty.
Overall its been way less painful, but its been super nice to have a husband home by 5, and almost completely take over parenting her.  Its been so helpful, since last time for some reason I potty trained my child while Brent was camping.
Nan only held her breath once during training, causing her to fall off the toilet so its been pretty painless.  Mind you I was still beside myself with grief from potty training for the past week, but it could have been worse.  She has no need of her little potty, but it scared me to watch her turn herself purple while crying and fall off the big toilet, so the little potty is still around for her to choose. Ever since she passed out crying on vacation she has figured out how to turn herself purple might quick.  Its so weird, she has held her breath crying since the day she was born, but it has only been in the past month, she makes herself turn purple when she holds her breath.


  1. That holding breath thing would Totally freak me out.
    Yay for potty training being a success!

  2. Potty training at our house is pathetic. I am not consistent or devoted, and it isn't really happening which is probably having a detrimental effect on my poor child. I was thinking the other day about how much I wanted to pay someone to come and potty train her for me and wondering how much I would actually be willing to pay them.

    Want the job?