Friday, August 26, 2011

Growing up

You know how old people always talk about how one day you'll miss the toys everywhere?
I don't know if I believe them, to clean the house and it stays clean seems like a dream... ahh.. dreams...
But I've been feeling a little emotional about my kids growing up.  I have a kindergarten, and both children wearing underwear.  I have no baby! No body will be wearing a onesies next summer! Few things are as great as a baby in the summer wearing a onesie without pants.
Well today, I've been quite busy, and so there are toys everywhere!  I was putting away laundry, and every room upstairs including our master had toys littering the floors.  It honestly made me sad, thinking about one day when I'm old, when my children are growing up, and toys are no longer on the floor.  Sad day, why do children have to grow up, can't they just stop crying, and stop peeing their pants, but stay little?

Here is another sad thing.  My daughter will essentially be in school from the age of 2.  She was in speech therapy last year, that we called school, and it piked her interest.  She is a social butterfly and loves loves school.  So we are doing Joy School this year, and hopefully next year, and then maybe pre-k, something that year, then kindergarten. Speech therapy piked her interest, and she WANTS to be in school so bad.  It makes her sad that J goes to school without her.  I kind of wish we had more time without school for her, even if is only Joy School, but she needs it.

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