Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Club member

Years ago we bought our tires at Sam's so we of course bought the membership.  Back in January I decided we weren't saving any money going to Sam's, because who ever walks out without spending at least $100.  Sometimes I can get out with only giving them $60.  Then we bought a house three months later, so it seemed no big deal not to go to Sam's I was trying to use what I had, not stock up. Since our move, there has been a few times in the last few months, I've thought what? where am I going to buy my bulk kleenex or my trash bags. Not to mention the orange chicken, we love Sam's frozen orange chicken.  In fact a year or so ago we thought about trying out Cosco, it was closer than Sam's so we borrowed a card, and bought stuff checked out the prices, it was bigger than our Sams, but the orange chicken was terrible, so we said forget it.
But like I said there was only three things I wish I had my Sams card, oh and paper towels, so I figure life would go on.  I was working on the orange chicken we hadn't found any frozen orange chicken we liked at Walmart yet, but we still had another four brands to go, and we have two other grocery stores in town I figured eventually we could find something.
Then last week my husband got a nail in his tire, it wasn't flat but it did need to be replaced.  So signed back up, we are now proud card carrying Sam's club members.  Again.  Guess what, we spent more than $100, in our first visit.  But at least we had good tasting orange chicken again, its the first time in six months.
I don't know how I feel about myself anymore, I was kind of feeling smug for pushing of the shackles of the club membership.  Now I've bought back into the man.

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  1. I feel so much closer to you knowing that we are both members of the same club!

    But now I will have to buy the orange chicken today when I go to buy my boxes and boxes and boxes of wipes and diapers.