Friday, August 12, 2011

Potty Update

I thought I had progress potty training the wee one, after the first day.  The second day, not bad, at least I didn't have to clean dirty underwear, we only had lots of wet.  The third day no progress just wet undies, never once made it to the toliet.  Fourth day, Nan didn't wake up, I kept checking on her all morning, but she just kept sleeping.  Finally at 3:30, I could tell she was awake, albeit tired. I held her, and tried to get her to drink something.  Then she wanted to lie down again.  Finally around 5 I gave her some Tylenol, so she could interact with us. I kept a diaper on her, because she was so tried, lethargic and sick looking. She drank hardly anything all day, so she never peed in her diaper anyway.  I thought maybe this is a sign she isn't ready.  But then she said she wanted to wear panties again when she got better.  So this morning we started fresh, put on those cloth training pants first thing, and set the timer. Finally at 11, after no wet underwear, she sat on the potty and went!!!

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