Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Blankets

I bought the kids new blankets.  This is all very exciting to me, because we rarely buy new blankets in the house.  Homemade, or no made. I have never even bought a new blanket for my bed, my mom did buy me a duvet cover that I picked out for my birthday year or two ago, but other than that nothing.  If you recall, I mentioned I wanted to make a new blanket for my son.  Then I got a thinking and, I thought hmm, if I could find a blanket on sale for him, that it would be cheaper than buying the material and it would be a lot faster.
But I got distracted and had to buy this for my daughter even though she doesn't have a big girl bed yet, because it is perfect for her room, with the hot pink which she calls red, and the green accents. Eventhough she doesn't have a bed yet, I decided to buy it now, because it was on sale, but we didn't get a sham.
 Luckily right after I bought that for my daughter, we found this on clearance for my son.  He wanted an orange comforter, and this is reversible orange on the back side. We bought it and I know he was excited about the orange, but who knows his real feeling because when I asked him he said, *sign* its fine.  He is such a boy! I firmly replied do you like or not? He responded all put out, yes. We did get a sham, he was trilled, and I was surprised.
On a last note, since I mentioned duvet covers, I hate the movement towards them.  Its such a rip off, they aren't any cheaper that a comforter and then up being twice the price because you have to add the insert.  We didn't get the inner blanket thing for our queen duvet, we just used our old handme down comforter.  Yeah, we're cool like that.

Here is the question when we get a big girl bed for my daughter what do we do with the crib?  There is no logical reason to keep it up, I'm not pregnant, but it does come in handy once in a while.  The other day my friend put her baby to nap while we chatted.


  1. You can put it under the big girl bed. Or keep it up and store 500 stuffed animals in it. Or rent it until you need it again. Or sell it and buy another one when you need it again. Or you can be like me and store it in your living room unassembled for months on end because you are too lazy to list it on KSL... Aren't you glad I'm so helpful (It's your fault, you asked.)

  2. Our crib is going into the attic. But I like Pam's Noah's Ark idea.