Saturday, August 27, 2011

Update on Homeownership

Update on Homeownership:

  • There is no grass in the xeriscaping (rocks) in my front yard, and have been wearing a bandaid on my hand for the last three days from a popped blister. But boy is my xeriscaping beautiful, don't believe me, ask my neighbor, Ms. Mary. If we are lucky the xeriscaping on the side of the house, will be beautiful by next time this week.
  • My garage door is broken, there is a gigantic spring on front top of garage doors, it popped broken.  I didn't have a car for two days because it was trapped inside.  Finally when the repairman said he was late and couldn't come until 6 pm on  Friday, Brent said let's reschedule on monday, and so we manually opened the door to free old subaru-y. After calling around and getting a lot of answering machines, I decided to cut my losses and take the $140 bid, after hearing the $260 bid. No my home warranty does not cover it. Blah.
  • My two year old now has a big girl bed (twin mattress) but it is hiding in the garage until next weekend.
  • My dryer is very loud and squeaky and probably needs someone to look at it.
Needless to say, we are house poor and broke.
But in case we aren't having enough fun, we are thinking about reseeding our grass.
Did you know I absolutely love living here?  Because I do, I never want to leave.  Although one day my husband does want to upgrade to a large than a quarter acre property lines.

Did I mention I have shin splints?  The walk to kindergarten and back, twice a day is getting to me.  Pushing the stroller up the steep hill twice a day is gets rough.  But in good news, I'm walking over three miles a day.

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