Friday, August 12, 2011

Kitchen and Dining

The paint job we have all be waiting for. It took a while to finish the chair rail. Just wait in a few months it will be better.  When we have a new computer desk, a different kitchen table and new counter tops.  But oh, I love the paint I picked out for my house, it makes me so happy to be in my house, and of course it puts me indebted to my mother, in case I wasn't already.
In case you didn't hear the story of the paint in the kitchen here it is.  I need color in my kitchen it was the way I was raised.  Brent and I like green it seemed like the obvious choice, but my house is tall and narrow, I didn't know if I really wanted a color in 2/3rds of my downstairs.  So that is where the neutral and the chair rail came in.  I love it.  Its the same color as the living room.
 I want you to know I did clean my kitchen before hand, I just don't know if it looks like it.  But I didn't take out the garbage. Its clean, its just also full.  We are learning how to organize our kitchen without a pantry.
 Ah, finally a shot that looks clean.
Secret #1, put the pantry at the bottom of the stairs. We tried putting it in the dining room when we moved in, but Brent and his brother said it was ugly, and if they say its bad, you know it wasn't working, because they are all about function over form.

 It also gives me mini workout while I cook dinner.  But snacks and cold cereal are kept in the kitchen in a bottom cabinet.  I don't want cracker crumbs from the kids on my stairs.

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  1. I love your kitchen color! I'm not usually a huge fan of chair rails, but it looks fabulous in your house! Love it!! What a good idea. It makes the green look even prettier.

    I'm curious to see what you do about your counters. We need to replace our worn formica--but I'm not sure with what. (I like your tile--but not having a flat surface for a kitchen counter drives me batty. So I can see why you want new ones.)