Friday, August 26, 2011

A month

Its a month until my birthday!
I really haven't been planning much this year.  I don't know if that means I'm growing up, or house poor.
I assume I already got my present from my husband, this computer desk I'm typing at.
But I would also love to paint our bedroom, and finish it up, ie hang the curtains, get lamps, hang some wall art.  But that is now getting pricey, and winter is approaching-- we want new winter coats, and I want new boots.
My coat is starting to get cold, its nine years old, and my boots leaks. So other than painting my room, and hanging the curtains I'll put the rest off.
I did tell my husband to take my kids down to Sam's and pick out a cupcake/cake combo for my birthday.  Plus he said their orange chicken.  When we came out to buy our house we ate at PF Chang's, and I told my husband maybe this should be my yearly birthday date.  Well he decided he liked Sam's orange chicken better, and hes right that I would rather spend the other $40 on the house, than dinner out.  Anyway, we'll see what my birthday brings me.

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