Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Updates on me

#1 don't you hate when your lip cracks while you are sleeping?
#2 Am not leaving the house today.  An answer to a unsaid prayer.  I've found those are the best.
#3 I can't stand the fly in my house.  I think someone fed him crack cocaine. We get lots of flies because we live in a barn based on the amount of doors I shut each day, but this one is by far the most annoying.  Its either crack cocaine or the watermelon rinds in the trash
#4 I've been constantly planning halloween for weeks now
#5 Bizarrely I haven't been thinking about my birthday.  I think I might have to skip it, no money for presents, because I spend it on remodeling our house.  Although I wondered if I should invite people over, that makes me sound lame I think, maybe make Brent invite people over?
#6 I tell Brent weekly, I'm going to throw him a surprise birthday party for this 30th this year. He asks me who I'm going to invite, I tell him, my friends and their husbands.  He says I'm just like the mom in Diary of  Wimpy Kid.
#7 I'm pretending to be optimistic to my daughter, but I've hit that point in potty training where I wonder what we are doing.  Since she just pees everywhere other than the toilet.
#8 I'm glad we don't have new carpet yet.
#9 I bought a new desk last night, so soon my kitchen will look better, and I'll have a sewing desk in my bedroom!  Hooray!
#10 My friend's 10 year old daughter told me she is saving money for a dog, so she'll come over and play with my kids for a dollar.  You mean I can sew without my kids crying, hooray I'm so hiring her.  Not a dollar an hour, a dollar.
#11 I'm still sad, I read this last night, it makes me sad.
#12 I found I have 12 followers thank you all, I don't encourage you at all, so I appreciate it.
#13 Don't you hate when the grocery store dupes you?  It says something like 2 for $1 a lbs, and all you see is 2 for $1, and instead of paying a dollar its like $6.
#14 I keep wondering if  three year old needs a birthday party, with more than her three immediate family members.

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  1. I am dreading the potty training days ahead...

    Good luck!