Sunday, August 21, 2011

My daughter

Would you like to hear about my daughter?  I thought you would.
  • She is very emotional, which we knew from before day one. It is sometimes good and sometimes wearing.
  • She is enjoying her new found maturity of potty training, but she loved all the attention so much she has become very clingy.
  • She kicked me in the eye during church, that was pretty awesome. Not!
  • She was accident free during church, went twice during the almost four hours.  (We got there a half an hour early for a soft pew, and left a half an hour late because we had lots to business to talk to everyone about.)
  • Church was the only successful time concerning her underwear.  That's not true at the end of the day, she actually told us she had to go. I'm still telling her when to go, its only been three weeks.
  • She will be a sunbeam next year.  Most of the soon-to-be sunbeams are in the same nursery class, she is not, we have three nursery classes in our ward.  I really don't care where she is, but I just didn't know if they knew how old she is since we moved into the ward this spring. (I have sunbeams who I only know their names no birthdays because they are new-ish.) I asked the Nursery leader about it, she said I know she is about to be, but the three year old class already has 12 kids in it, I need to add the last three but I just don't have the space.  Plus her class only had 5 in it today... I'm getting there, I'm just not there yet, I promise by October I'll have her switched.  I said oh don't worry she'll be fine, I'm honestly not concerned I was just wondering.  She said no, I'm aware.  She also mentioned some of the kids aren't quite ready for the three year old class.  She said they are still learning to stay seated in their chair which I need for the three year old class, the older class plays with toys less.  I said is she one that needs to help in those areas?  She said no actually she is ready, she is just the youngest.  I said ok, that's fine.  I'm really not concerned in the slightest, she loves Nursery, so I'm not worried at all.  I was just checking, its nice to hear good things about my daughter. Some children you try modestly say thank you when someone complements them, others like my daughter, you are sincerely grateful to hear compliments, it makes life a little less trying.
  • In case you didn't do the math, that is 15 sunbeams next year.  That means two sunbeam classes.  I was wondering if I'm still a sunbeam teacher, would I want to teach my daughter?  I've always been adamant that I won't teach J in primary, in SLC I was suppose to teach him, and I told the president no. (That would have been toxic, and you have to stop toxic immediately.)  I mentioned it to Brent, we discussed it for a minute one whether I would want to teacher her.  I thought it might be fun, she has a drastically different personality.  In the end I realized she would excel with someone else, but come January I'll let the president make the choice. 
  • Its funny how drastically different my children's personalities are.  
  • My son and daughter have a lot of friends, who are siblings.  But the interesting thing is, since they are three years apart, my son is always the oldest of his friends by a few months and my daughter is always the youngest by a few months, if they both have friends from the same family that are siblings. 
  • In close she is an excellent napper and sleeper.  Napping was an acquired skill, but she has always been good at sleeping at night, its been a much needed blessing in our life.

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