Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of Kindergarten

Our first day of Kindergarten started at 5:30 am.  J came in our room and told us he couldn't sleep.  We all cuddled together for the next hour or so, sleeping on and off.  I seem to remember my husband telling him he was not allow to talk if he was in our bed.  I honestly have no idea what time my husband wakes up, somewhere between 6:30-6:45ish maybe a few minutes later some mornings.  At 7:30 J and I got out of bed, its best to give him a full hour to get ready.  School starts at 8:55, but we needed to leave at 8:30 because we walked. I'm glad we walked, it took us 20 minutes with Nan in the stroller.  Its about three quarters of a mile.  Lots of parents were walking their children, but even more were driving.  (They cut bus routes this year, with budget cuts.) I was glad we walked so we wouldn't be in the traffic.  As we started to join more people walking their children, I had to try to not get emotional.  Kindergarten is way different than preschool!  
 Everything went well, I didn't want to be late, and we were there early, J ran part of the way out of excitement I think. That is J's teacher on the left.  The surreal moment was when the kindergartens went inside, and Nan and I started walking home.  There we were in a large group of parents walking home childless.  My mom use to walk us to and from school, I never once realized she had to walk to get there.  It was weird.  It is weird to be a parent of a elementary school kid, his school reminded me so much of my old elementary school.
Kindergarten went great for him.  But poor two year old sister was beside herself in grief all morning, mourning the loss of her favorite person. At one point she was about to drive me over the edge with whining, I asked what is wrong, why are you so upset?  She looked at me and said "miss Osh!" But he came home and all was well.  She can't wait to start Joyschool next week.

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