Monday, August 8, 2011

Potty Training #2

I have been dreading potty training since the last time I did.  So pretty much I've been dreading potty training #2, since she was only 2 months old in utero. She showed interest in the potty over a year ago.  But yet I always had a good reason to put it off.  She has been sitting on the potty a few times a week for over a year now, and never once peed in the toilet, and only ever had two accidents around bath time.
But enough was enough, I had to do it before J started Kindergarten.  So this was the day, I have had it on my calendar for about a month.  (We just got home from vacation Saturday night.)  As we got closer to the day, I often got nervous.  Until yesterday, I was excited.  My daughter was going through the rite of passage to become a big girl. Honestly, I went to bed with anticipation for what the new day would bring.
As a mom things went terrible with the first child.  I think he probably did an excellent job as a barely 2 year old boy, but as a mom I had stupid expectations from reading parenting literature. Honestly, potty training three years ago, was probably one of my lowest moments as a mother, once again by no fault of my son.
So this time things where going to change.  I read no literature.  In fact yesterday while talking to a friend, I realized, I had bought no juices or salty snacks.  I was ill prepared.  But this morning, I realized we would survive.  Turns out, we had apple juice, kool-aid and orange juice.  We have goldfish and ritz. I think pretzels would have been enjoyed if I had them, but we survived without them.
I had been saving M&Ms for months in anticipation.  She didn't care about them, luckily her dad had bought her a couple of pounds of gummy worms a few weeks ago.
But like I said I had done no preparations.  I put the baby potty in the kitchen, and we fed betsy wetsy water, and watched her pee in delight.  My children love to watch betsy pee.  Every 5 minutes I put Nan on the baby potty.  Two hours later, betsy had gone more than anyone could count, I had gone, but Nan was dry as a bone.
I was getting bored, so I called my mom to see if I had missed a step.  She said five minutes was a little excessive.  Twenty minutes is plenty.  So we upped the timer, which was good advice, Nan enjoyed the first hours, but was also getting bored.  My mom also read me Teresa's advice:

The day before take her to the store to pick out a special treat that your going to give her.  Also a timer is very crucial! I am not one to mess with a doll, kids understand what they need to do your just training their  bladder to do what their brain already knows. I DON'T LIKE SEPERATE POTTY CHAIRS ! they need to learn to sit on the big toilet otherwise if you train them on a small toilet you are training their brain that the big one is scary! they sell toilet seats that you sit right on top of the toilet and they feel very safe with these. Never let your kids potty train naked (I have heard some people strip their kids down and let them pee where ever they want don't ever let them run around the house  without underwear)
Day 1:   Show them the timer and let them hear what it sounds like, explain to them that when the timer goes off that is when you need to sit on the potty. .  As soon as they wake up set them on the toilet and then put underwear on after they get off. Set your timer & Sit them on the toilet every 20 min.  (they will have accidents in between but it is still very important to sit them on when the timer goes off ) every time she sits on the toilet give her a treat (even if she doesn't go) If she does go, make a big deal ex. way to go! you did it! good job! and then a treat. Naptime.... I am still a little indecisive on this whether or not putting a diaper on them is a good idea, I lean more toward no diaper and see how it goes after the 3 days... if it seems like their bladder can't hold that long after the 3 days they probably still need to mature a little more in the bedtime area.  At the end of day 1 you will feel like you didn't get anywhere or accomplish anything this is completely normal... DON'T WORRY i promise YOU DID!
Day 2: Same as day 1 but you are going to change the time from 20 min to 30 min. 
Day 3: Same as the previous days but you are going to change the time to 45 min.
As far as her going #2 Sometimes kids train them selves while you are training them.. They feel a sensation and know their brain knows that if they feel something going on they need to sit on the toilet, however it might not happen as you are potty training them. They will have accidents NEVER make them feel bad for having an accident.  Help them understand that its yucky and they no longer need to have this yucky poop on them because now they are big and can go in the toilet.  Don't give up and never never never put a diaper back on them (unless they can't sleep through the night without soaking themselves.)  They probably won' t tell you on their own for a couple weeks if they need to go potty, so you still need to ask every hour if they need to go.  They will eventually just go on their own when they feel comfortable with the whole situation.

An hour after that, she had a mini accident, the only time she ever left the kitchen floor and ventured into the living room she peed. She doesn't like pee running down her leg, and she has female muscles because she is female so she will stop once she realizes its not being adsorbed in her diaper, and running down her leg. Other than her one escape on to carpet, when she of course had her accident, we spent the whole morning on hard floors.  We played dulpo legos in the kitchen, played the ipod, sang songs, took care of baby dolls, etc. Turns out, have a huge kitchen, and a powder room right off from the kitchen all with hard floors, is invaluable during potty training.  It was so much better than being stuck in a small bathroom with a yellow shower.
I think finally a half hour after her accident she peed in the toilet!! First time ever in her life!
Funny thing is, we were using a little potty, because I kind of hate seat covers on large toilets, I hate pee dripping everywhere. But she didn't want to sit on the little potty by this point, she was watching Dora in the kitchen, so I said do you want to sit on the Dora potty seat?  Well of course, so she did, and the washer was going, and low and behold I heard drips in the toilet.  We jumped up and down, and called Grammy, ate two gummy worms.  After finished dora, eating lunch, she then wanted to take a nap.  It had been a full day.  I think that is a great record.  Once accident, one potty.  My children have the hugest bladders on the planet.

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