Friday, July 8, 2011

Yellow Room

My son got the Lion King Room, this is before, Pretty Terrible I think.

I let him decided what he wanted to do with his room, and of course yellow was chosen.  He had to wait until Grammy came to visit since his dad left before we had time to paint his room  One day there will be a US map and a world map on either side of his bed, one at the head, and one on the wall next to his bed, but all in due time.
 Oh and you might wonder about the box next to his closet.  That is where he sucks his thumb during mandatory quiet time.  His own doing not mine, it looks like we have a pet. I was hoping to get rid of during painting, I just threw it in the closet for it then to disappear.  One day near the end of painting, he said I can't wait until my box comes back.  Since he already accuses me of throwing away his things, I figured the box could stay a little while longer.
After the maps I'll probably make him a blanket that matches his room a little better.  Unless he wants to keep batman. I also think these bicycle decals would be fun over this closet or something, but maybe that it is over kill. I love his window nook, Brent thinks its wierd floor plan.  I made the circus flags for his room, which totally fit J's personality.
Funny story about batman quilt.  Brent had it in college and I was convince he must be a big batman fan to have it at college.  He assured me he couldn't careless about batman it was just the material his mom had to make a blanket with.  I thought he was just being modest and/or embarrassed.  But no really he doesn't like any comic book character. It was all function and no form.  That is Brent's motto in life. To have a batman blanket in college you either have to be a really big fan, or not care one lick about anything commercial, and that would be Brent. Fast forward seven years, although J loves many comic book characters he doesn't care about batman.  Which is unforunate, because I would much rather read about batman than most of the comic books he picks out. I grew up watch a batman cartoon, and of course the 8 million movies they produced.

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