Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yet another reason...

Speaking of Temples, I wanted to tell you yet another reason I adore my husband. Right before we moved I bought a picture of the Mount Timpanogos Temple, since that is where we got married.  Then my loving husband bought me the matching frame Sacred Grove picture.
 I figured it was perfect for our living room.  Two most important things to me, my family and my religion. A picture of the place religion started, and the place my family began right smack in the center of my house.
(Yes, I know they are off centered from the couch, we moved the couch, and the pictures were actually quite difficult to hang, so I just ignore it.) But then I got a thinking a few months later, that my family really needs to see the temple we live by.  It really needs to be front in center in our home.  So luckily Lil' Luna came through for me.  I downloaded the picture, edited it a bit, printed a 5x7 and hung it up. Unfortunately my wood frames don't quite match. But I love it anyway.
 Although I'm not quite sure if my children can see it since they are short. Its the principle right?
When I asked my husband is two pictures of the temple too much for one room?  He said Nonsense, you can never have to many pictures of the temple.  And right then and there, I fell in love with him all over again.

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  1. Love your temple pictures and inspiration! That family picture and frame is also awesome. I read Jake that quote, when our kids finally have rooms I'll put pictures up pronto :)