Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Pioneer Day

Happy Pioneer Day.

Grandma Carol sent the kids gummy bears, and Nan got a pioneer hat.  By the way, the kids never call her Grandma Carol, but that is what Brent calls her to the kids.
Do you think the pioneers ever wore tank tops?  Probably not. My daughter loves them. I didn't really know what my opinion was as a mom.  I know some moms who say definitely not for they toddlers, if you don't learn now when?  I know others who say its a part of childhood.  All of which share my religion.
I had yet to make a decision, which I guess is my decision.  My daughter loves them.  She will pitch a fit if I try to cover her shoulders, when she has decides to wear a tank top. And honestly I don't care.  She is 2, who cares.  She is actually wearing an undershirt, but she loves them, she loves the lace and the bow, her shoulders, everything.

Speaking of pioneers, my husband and I were asked to speak at church on Pioneers.  I learned about both my family and my husband's family.  I try to help him with his research so he had more time to give to me.  I'm needy.  I didn't play with my kids much last week, because I was reading.  I really don't mind talking in church, I would rather talk or teach than just about anything else in church.  Which means I rarely get to.  If I had my way I would never have to pray publicly in church, but talks not big deal.  Between speaking, and teaching the sunbeams it totally wiped me out.  I am still exhausted over 24 hours later.  My head has been pounding for 25 hours, no matter what I do. The Lord blessed me though, my sunbeams were excellent yesterday. But wow, what is the deal with this headache?
I guess that is why I blogged so much, my computer chair is so comfy.

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