Monday, July 25, 2011

More House Remodels

While my mom was here a month ago, we painting my powder room/laundry room.  I don't think I took before pictures, because it was just flat neutral paint, with super dirty walls.  There was silicone on the walls I had to pull off, and soap stains all over the walls from the laundry. By the way the mirrors are unchangeable in my house, they are solidly glued on the walls.
    I picked a color called vintage taupe.  Its kind of lavender color.  I was super excited when my husband didn't say no. I thought it would match well with the slate colored tile and the vanity, and I love purple so I've wanted to paint a wall purple since our 20s bungalow that we rented. The other thing we was change towel rings.  They had a long towel bar, like for your towels when you get out of the shower, except it was a powder room.  So we put in a small towel ring, and moved the towel bar to the laundry side.  That way I have somewhere to hang the occasional shirt that isn't suppose to go in the dryer.
 Speaking of laundry, sometimes my laundry room is not so clean.  Its probably only clean right after I've done ALL the laundry.  It ends up be a catch all, for all the dirty linens that accumulate downstairs where there are no laundry baskets. Imagine a lot of dirty socks, shirts covered in dinner, and kitchen towels.  There is also no room for a basket in that room.  So dirty right, well we ended up with an extra shower curtain bar from the bathroom remodel.  I had my husband put it up, so it covers all the laundry, when I close the curtain.  The curtain is a living room curtain, that I bought at ross, but it probably looks like a shower curtain.  Doesn't matter, what matters if we have unexpected someone visit, and my laundry is a mess, they don't see it if they see the bathroom.
I've extremely pleased with how the bathroom turned out.  I was excited my husband let me chose it, because he pretty much got what he wanted with the master bath.  Let me assure you no husband would chose vintage taupe.  Oh, and I spray painted the light fixture.  I love my powder room, and my laundry machines.  You can only truly appreciate a well working washer and dryer when you haven't always had them. (I hate coin-op laundry.) They aren't new, they aren't high efficiency.  They were a gift/handme down, and so I think I love them that much more.  I'm always grateful for my machines, even if I don't want to do the laundry.

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