Monday, July 18, 2011

Wrong in the Head

Dream diagnose please!
I think there is something wrong with my head.
I had a dream that my brother sent me an email from a long lost friend of mine (must have been in the same current ward, in my dream) that she wanted prayers, because she was pregnant again and worried about what would happen this time.  The last time she was pregnant, she had twin boys, who had a degenerative disease where their skin literally melted off of them until they died, when they were about a year or two old.  Then in my dream, I kept scrolling down the email, to see multiple professionally taken pictures of the skin getting worse and worse.
So seriously what is wrong with my head that I have these types of dreams?  Actually its been awhile since my brain has produce a morbid gruesome dream.  But still.  Here is the crazy thing, in my dream I at one point knew it was a dream, I didn't want to open the email in case it was just a figment of my imagination. But my subconscious is more power than my self control, and its a losing battle in my dreams, I never get to chose what I want to do. But that is not the diagnose, why does my brain produce such gruesome things?


  1. Ah ha! You have the weird H. dream thing too! I have a sibling who has crazy dreams like that, and she thinks it might have come from Grandma who also has crazy dreams/trouble sleeping. Strange!

  2. Would you like the good news first or the bad? The bad news is that there is probably something wrong with you. The good news is that you have both Justin and Daniel to medicate you. Dont worry, they are probably not qualified. :)

  3. Ditto Liz! It's the Crazy Dream Gene.