Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Two Unrelated

Hope everyone had a good Independence Day.  We had a great 4th had lots of fun, saw lots of friends, and pretty much baked in this high altitude.  Thank goodness for sunscreen. We even managed to fit in a few short history lessons.
I like this National Anthem Video, there is no ridiculous pop additions, or variations. She does a good job.

Next topic unrelated.  Its a good thing Brent and I met when we did and got married 6 and half years ago, because he doesn't like lace, and lace is like the huge wedding trend right now. Lace and vintage, some light pink, some green, and lots of lace.


  1. Yes, you have lovely blue skies. I love Western skies...

    Oh, and I also love the "rock collection." We might not have skies that like here--but we have plenty of rock collections like that in the back of our car.

  2. Looks like lots of fun for the 4th! Who is that singing?