Monday, July 11, 2011


I love the way my daughter scribbles, its so precise.  She picks up a color and scribbles a small scribble on the pants. Picks up a new color and makes a small scribble on the shirt. Picks up a new color and scribbles on the face, picks up a new color sometimes scribbles the mouth, and sometimes gets a new one and scribbles the eyes.  Depending on if the picture is big enough for her to really notice the face.  Most coloring pictures from church are too busy for her to notice all the faces.
I first noticed she scribbled like this when we were in speech class last fall.  I made a joke about how advance she was to scribble the eyes and face of the bear brown paper bag puppet.  I soon realized she was actually was.  If I draw and N on her page she also likes to draw vertical scribbles next to it.  Its so cute I think.

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