Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A plan

I have a plan it feels good.
A while back I posted I don't like plans because they never come true since I've met my husband.  But I changed my beat last fall/ early winter.  I made a plan that I would take a spanish class this fall, I had it researched I knew where I was going to take it. I didn't care about college credit, I just wanted the class.  Then we bought a house in a different state in March.  I'm not taking a spanish class now, it seemed to fall out of the cards, I thought maybe sign language would be the way to go.  Even-though I found a Community College close to home, in fact closer than most thing to me other than Home Depot and Walmart, but unfortunately I'm out of state until next spring.  I won't be taking any language classes there this fall, the first few times I past the campus I was sad, but now I don't care, obviously that wasn't in the cards for this fall, or the Lord wouldn't have directed to me Monument. Bizarrely enough I didn't like plans because I didn't like the disappointment of life changing, I'm totally at peace about the change.  I'm sure I don't understand my change of spirits, but its relaxing.

Well now I have a completely different plan, about a different subject, and just like sunbeams effect the Spanish switch, its sort of based on sunbeams, but like a said about a completely different subject.  I think the Lord approves, but only time will tell if he is only leading me down the path to take me a different fork. I'm not going to tell you my plan, but its good to have it.  Its a comfort.

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