Thursday, July 21, 2011

British Films

Last night while watching Harry Potter, I realized it was a Sense and Sensibility Reunion of the movie.  Of course if you have ever watched Sense and Sensibility you should have notice Alan Rickman is both Prof. Snape and Col. Brandon.   Emma Thompson is both Elinor Dashwood and Sybil Trelawney, but then I notice Gemma Jones who played Mrs. Dashwood, Elinor and Maryanne's mom, was Madam Pomfery in the HP.  Sometimes I get to thinking there must not be very many British film actors.
I'm going to be mean, and give away Harry Potter 7.5, they kiss.
And poor Harry Potter, in the book, JK Rowlings, made him to be what most girls thought was cute, and he is the lackluster on in the real live actors.  Poor Harry.  Did you see this article about Neville?

But back to the lack of British stars, a few months ago I watch Wives and Daughters on Netflix Instant View, a miniseries I found quite enjoyable.  I recognized a few actors, so it is it a lack of British Actors or type casting?
Here is some of the character overlap
Tom Hollander - Mr. Collins in the recent Pride and Prejudice and in some Pirates
Michael Gambon - Prof. Dumbledore and Mr. Woodhouse in a BBC Emma, that I watched through Netflix
Rosamund Pike - is Jane in Pride and Prejudice
Ok, I guess there wasn't that much overlap, but enough I noticed.
You might be interested in Wives and Daughters.

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