Friday, July 22, 2011

My House

Let me tell you about my house whether you want to hear it or not.
I feel like we are almost done with the inside.  Although, once I make the list, I'm not sure.
We have to paint the basement/guest bathroom.
The Master bedroom needs some paint.
The kid's bathroom, needs the linoleum ripped up, mold killed, and tile put down, then paint on the walls.
The upstairs staircase and hallway needs to get painted, which I'm sure won't happen for a year.
Then once we are done with that we'll be done painting for our house until I get bored.
Hooray, that is hardly anything.
I'm hoping to get it all done except the hallway before Christmas.  I don't think my husband is too concerned about the kids bathroom, but I would really like to get rid of the mold, the linoleum by the shower and toilet, has a black tint that I'm sure is mold, after seeing our bathroom floor, before it was remodeled.
We are also planning to replace our kitchen counter before the year is up.  That will be a dream come true, then we are done on the interior of the house.
The lawn needs some work, it needs to be thatched, and fertilized with weed killer, but all we are doing now is mowing and maintaining.  That is a next summer project, well we'll do the necessary winterizing steps (thatching and such) but not until late fall.  Can't do everything all at once. This year is interior, next is exterior.
  Next spring we'll need to get some fruit trees for my husband.
I hope we are painting the outside of the house next summer, more than me not liking the paint job, paint is peeling.  Oh and expand our patio if we have the money.

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