Saturday, July 16, 2011

So busy

I'd like to post, but I've been too busy mostly looking at the photos Brent took of our kids the other day.
Not entirely true.
Does this link work?

Last summer, I knew I was glad I didn't own a house, because we were having so much fun and doing so many things, I knew that wouldn't be possible with a house.  Now I own a house, guess how many times we have gone camping this year?  Oh yeah, that would be the zero.  We keep wanting to, but the house is keeping us so busy.  I swear, every weekend for a month has been spent trying to network our dang house.  Luckily Brent hasn't made me go in the attic since the first saturday.
But I'm off topic, I want to blog about how much I love swim lessons, how surprising this is, because I use to loathe swim lessons.  How my son didn't cry for a week, how he knew this was a big accomplishment, how its all the power for a great teacher who cares.  He hasn't cry less than once a day since Preschool got out.   That is why I send my child outside of the home for school, it makes him happy, he excels there without his mom around.  He cries with me. I want more swim lessons, but we can't take anymore swim lessons until the fall, which I will not be signing up for because then we will have kindergarten.  But we are totally coming back next year. Anyway, all this stuff I want to blog about maybe, I'll get around to it.
The moral of the story I've decided to reward (ie bribe) my son for not crying.  We are keeping track on the calendar, and I think every day he doesn't cry a $1 goes towards legos, and if he cries once 50 cents, more than once, none.  I feel pathetic paying my son not to cry, but I don't feel bad rewarding/bribing him with legos.  So ponder that, does it make sense?

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  1. I should pay myself to not make my kids cry. I could potentially get really rich.

    We've been home from our first day of swimming lessons for two hours and my third child is still crying about having to go home.