Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Cry Coupon

So here is our infamous coupon 
Every day he doesn't cry, I circle a number, he gets to color in the circle. That means, he doesn't get to cry when he is served dinner even if he does not like, he has to eat at least 5 bites, without crying.  That means, he doesn't get to cry when he hasn't cleaned up his toys, or when he doesn't want to take off his pull up first thing in the morning, or when he doesn't want to go to bed at night, or even if he doesn't get a treat.  That means if even if he doesn't want to leave the house, when I have to go visiting teaching he has to come with me.  Its a beautiful thing.  Obviously I still nag, but now, instead saying, stop I can't hear hear crying.  I say, wait I want you to get your lego, don't cry.
I thought legos would be a good reward, but I didn't want to pay him for not crying.  Which is why I like this coupon, I like that I'm not giving him money, even though the days of not crying corresponds with dollars price. Plus it works well because we have a lot of toddler toys, and not a lot of big kid toys, so it gives us a reason to expand, and with the new lego collection growing, he is actually is playing with toys again.  Which I'm sure is also helping on cutting down the crying, its a win win.

Not to mention, he likes an $70 set, that we have been talking about trading for his thumb sucking blanket. He wants it but maybe not quite that bad yet.  But still its the closest we've got to one day phasing out the blanket in years.  Although I'm slightly worried, a year or so ago, he started sucking his thumb without his blanket when watching tv, that was quickly stopped.  Then he started chewing on his long sleeves last winter, so I stopped putting him in them, because it got so gross. A few months ago he picked up biting his nails. I'm trying to decided whats worse? Biting his nails or sucking his thumb? 

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