Thursday, July 21, 2011

Date Night

When I was a young teenager I remember babysitting for a family friend.  The father would pick me up, and when we arrived the mom would be finishing getting ready, and saying good bye to her kid(s).  I always found it peculiar, because she would dress up nice, redo her hair for her date, put on more make up including red lipstick.  I found this so odd, even when they were just having a "causal" date of a movie.  I seem to remember her saying causal and movie together.  Like I said peculiar I thought, you've been married, you see him everyday, why are you dressing up for your date. (At this point, I will say, I have no idea what my mom looked like when she went out weekly with my dad, I'm pretty sure I never notice once.)
Then this past year, when I realized my dating life had gone down the toilet, by no fault of my husband, I wondered if my former employer knew what she was doing.  Seriously it wasn't my husband's fault dating had become terrible, I take 100% credit, he was not the one doing anything wrong, I was the one yelling at him for no reason every date.  Which is why we stopped "dating" that and a lack of babysitters.  Well when we moved here we were told there are LOTS of babysitters, and so far I've never struggled finding one.  So we've started dating again, and I decided to follow suit of my former employer.  I change my clothes, I rebrush my hair, maybe reapply my mascara even if my husband has been working at home all day and seen me all day.  I guess all the more reason to change.
It seems to be working, it sets my brain more on path for a date, and I think my husband appreciates the gesture.  I don't think I've yelled at him once about date night since we moved here so I know he appreciates that. A few weeks ago we went out shooting with some friends.  I had spend sometime with the wife earlier in day and she quizzically looked at my clothes at first, noticing I had changed.  I thought I got to, for the sake of marriage.

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