Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Fourth

We started off our Independence day with pancakes at home and a short history lesson during the food. Then  we went to our small town's parade, via school bus.  I'm pretty sure everyone in town showed up.  Don't we have lovely blue skies?
 Everyone told us, there are Elephants.  Indeed there were elephants.
 Let's not forget my boy's rock collection he found and wasn't allowed to take home.
 Honestly we thought the parade was a little under quality compared with what everyone told us to expect.  But luckily we ran into our new family friends so we had fun baking at 6,975 feet.  Holy smokes the sun is hot up here.  Here is our friends' daughter is close in age to J.  With her homemade flag, isn't she cute?!
 After the parade we went home made a Jell-O salad for a neighborhood party we got invited to.  We tried to be social, while the kids played in a bouncy house.  In a few short hours our left-over jell-o salad turned back to liquid, so we had to carry home a bowl of warm sticky liquid it was pretty gross.
By that time we were hot, tired, our brains had melted from the sun, and coated in sun screen. So we showered everyone quickly and all took naps.  It felt good to take off the eight layers of sunscreen. We woke up just in time to eat a late dinner, and then drive up to the fireworks!
 Its so nice to have a child old enough to take a picture of us together. I think we all know who inherited who's eyes.
Then finally the fireworks came, we are on the eastern side of our time zone which is great because fireworks start a whole hour earlier here than they do in Utah.  That means we can go to bed an hour earlier.  Yes, I'm old.
 Our poor wee one was scared of the fireworks, she hid under her blanket on top of me most of the time, luckily we were at 7300 ft after the sun went down so she wasn't hot under the blanket.  Also luckily she quietly sucked her thumb until she decided to roll over on her dad, and slightly peek out of the blanket.

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