Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January YA

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I thought this book was cuter than the first.  But then again it had more of a love story and it had no cheese.  This book follows the story of the four Penderwicks sisters after their vacation after the come home and start school again.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Amazon referred this book to me after I read The Penderwicks.  I got it because hello Willoughby!  Any Jane Austen/Children's Lit fan could not not get the book. It was my first Lois Lowry book, I'm ashamed to admit, but the time period most people read Lowry wasn't a good reading time for me in my life.  Maybe that's why I read Juvenile Fiction to make up for my dyslexia, maybe in two decades I can upgrade my reading choices. Back to the book, Lowry has a bit of a dark sense of humor in the book, and I wasn't really sure where it was going.  I was unsure about the book for most of it, but then by the end I loved it and I could appreciate the dark humor. Some dark humor I love, other is a little iffy. It all comes down to how talented the author is at dark humor, or if just comes off bitter. Lowry wrote out of talent not bitterness. The book is about four kids who decided they should be orphans based on all the great classic literature written about orphans.  That's another thing I like about this book.  I like when modern books reference classics. The book is very clear in telling you its about an old fashion family. Just to set the record straight this book has nothing to do with Sense and Sensibility, but it was the second children's book in a week I read with a reference.  Not to mention I love the cover.  

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