Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bragging About My Baby Girl

This is my blog so sometimes I get to brag.  I think my daughter is a rock star right now because she is fulfilling requirements of a 4 year old in preschool. She sits on the ground puts her baby next to her, and "reads" her baby books. She knows that the words on the page make up the story, and drags her finger along the words making baby babble.  (Since baby babble is still her primary verbal communication.) I know that any child that is read to often knows the story comes from the text, so its really not that amazing.  But I'm still proud that my 2 year and 3 week old knows one of the requirements for an almost 5 year old.
In other cuteness, I tell her multiple times a day what a pretty girl she is.  (Its my coping mechanism to get through the fits, tantrums, screams and cries. I actually find the terrible two tantrums enjoyable because they are weak sauce to her previous aged tantrums and screams, and she as good times of the day now, instead of just whines.) But back to the cuteness, today we were looking in the mirror together, and I once again said what a pretty girl you are.  Then I squished our cheeks together and said look how cute we are?  She said, "Yeaahhh!" Then I asked who is prettier, Nan or Mom?  She said, "Mommy!"  Ha Ha, how awesome is she.  It was nice to have a pick me up this morning, because I had a rough night.  My kids slept through the night, but the same could not be said for me.  Luckily my husband's pillow smells all type of wonderful like him.
I would like to  post a super cute picture of my daughter on this post, but I'm out of space, which is the reason I need to switch blogs.  Which also be the reason I'm not posting about my recent vacation.

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