Thursday, January 20, 2011

Less than a Month/Should use Bookmarks

This post is actually over due, my son's birthday is less than a month and I got planning to do.
First I was thinking a spiderman/pokemon theme because he is 5 and really what else is there in life than cartoons, and those are the only two he'll watch unless its educational.

But lately, wouldn't something be more fun if it wasn't licensed?
I was think....
Because golden is his very favorite color.  But maybe licensed is more fun?
Gold sprinkles on the cake eaten on gold paper plates
Gold Ribbons (#1 friend?... #5 Birthday) (golfer, these look like a good mold
Gold Gift bags
Treasure Chests?  
although all of this would require a lot of gold paper
Gold Crowns

I don't know maybe its not fun, maybe the artsy hippy blogger in me isn't really as cool as I think.  Sure I think I'm cool driving my subaru listening to classical music driving REI to do things like taking my kids snowshoeing and other such stuff.  But the problem with people like me we always think we are way cooler than we really are.  

Maybe spiderman cake is cooler.
I already have the spiderman cake and web already planned in my head.  But its always best to have multiple party ideas. 
You also may wonder why I don't use my bookmarks/favorites, because I lose links that way its much easier to search my blog and find everything.

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