Sunday, January 9, 2011

Number 3

I know I should be on sabbatical.  And I will have three posts published after my sabbatical post, but I typed them all up before I started sabbatical, and sometimes don't publish so timely.

Before christmas we watched all the Toy Story movies, J had never seen any of them, we got them from netflix.  Toy Story 1 is fine, but not on my top Disney movie list.  Brent and I share that opinion.  I enjoyed Toy Story 2 more than one, I actually kind of like 2.  Then we got Toy Story 3, none of us had seen it before.  The beginning was sort of sad, because I don't want my babies to grow up.  But then it was just weird.  I thought it had some really dark themes.  The movie actually gave me nightmares, I had nightmares about communist toys for a few nights, I was glad when my subconscious let go of it. I guess you all think I'm wierd now.

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