Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Day of School

I was one of those kids that dreaded the first day of school.  Who would be my teachers, where would I sit, would I have friends in class, what would people think of my clothes, what about lunch, oh lunch what an awful part of the day until friends and routines were established.  The night before the first day of school was the worst, because you could no longer put off the inevitable, it was coming tomorrow.  Well I had one of those nights last Sunday.  I was dreading Christmas break to finish, I even suggested to my husband that we stay up all night in hopes it wouldn't come.  I wasn't serious, I was tired as all get out which is why I was so worried.
Primary had been miserable earlier in the day, church in general had been long, it started later which I wasn't trilled about, and then later in the day I totally stuck my foot in my mouth, and then pushed in as far as possible.  The first day of primary with a new class had not gone well, I was not happy about Christmas break being over.  In the morning, my husband was leaving on a week long business trip, and preschool was starting up again.  I wasn't ready for preschool again, although it was for the best that J had preschool while Brent was gone. But whoa was me, please Monday do not come.  I was feeling so terrible that eventhough I slept through the night, I had fit-full dreams, full of violence, embarrassment, confusion and more violence.  Did I mention violence?  I haven't had a violent dream in ages.
But luckily Monday came and went, and nothing was as bad as my Sunday night.

And as always this is posted later, because I don't post about my husband gone until he comes home.

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