Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The ugly: I ran out of Say Yes to the Dress episodes and so I picked up Cake Boss the next one of my netflix instant queue.  I knew I couldn't make a cake like his, but I was in the mood to make at least something, I ended up making the ugliest cake I have ever made, I almost threw it out multiple times during the process.
The Bad:  The other day my 5 year old neighbor was over, I also happened to teach him at church, although he has subpar attendance.  Yesterday I asked in my best show excitement to a 5 year old voice, if he was going to come to primary tomorrow?! He said no, I think I'm going to be sick that day.  My heartbroke.  Really is that the legacy you want your children to learn?  Planning to be sick on Sunday? I tried to convince it would be super awesome, but he wanted to be sick. 
The Good:  I honestly can't remember what I was going to say.  So I have a few to replace the lost thought.
My daughter is doing so much better in church, but she still cries at least twice if not three times. But can actually be happy during church. We rarely take her out, because eventhough she is required to stay in a chair and not move if she comes out, she admits victory at leaving.  So yes we are that couple that holds a crying child on the pew.  We have no choice, I don't care if some judge.
In December we started reading the Book of Mormon with our kids instead of the cartoon books. It has been so fun to read about Nephi with J.  We originally planned one verse per person who can talk, three verses a night.  But J has gotten so into the story I often read him a whole chapter.  Although I'm sure our process will wain once we get to Second Nephi.
J is starting to read.  I was very scared the dyslexic mother in me, wouldn't be able to help him, but I'm so excited I'm not hindering him.  He is picking it up on his own so fast.  He often amazes me at what he read or wrote himself.  He is very close to being able to read books on  his own.  But still has a way to go, we are pushing phonetics, not memorizing plots.  More just reading words here and there, then "read" this book.

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