Monday, January 3, 2011

Being a Poser

First off you can tell I was a kid/teenager in the 90s because I still use the term poser.
In a recent TIME issue they had an article about Mark Zuckerberg you know the facebook founder.  The article says on his facebook page he has "eliminating desire" which comes from the Buddhist phrase "Eliminating desire for all that doesn't really matter."  I really liked that Buddhist phrase and have been thinking about it for days.  I think I want to try to incorporate in my life.  Without knowing that phrase I've been trying to incorporate it in my life.  Am I the only one that goes to run errands and get overwhelmed at the amount of stores in the strip mall, and the amount of stuff there is to buy?  But then gets frustrated when you can't actually find what you are looking for?  I often find myself overwhelmed with our Nation's consumerism but then yet I always want to go buy new stuff.  Its terrible, I work really hard at not buying just anything, and not bring more into my house than is going out.  Overall I overthink it all, and I should be trying to eliminate my desires for uselessness and stuff.
But I'm terrible at that, because sometimes I really love that feeling of buying new stuff. In my opinion other than over-thinking everything, getting a high from new stuff is one of my worst traits.

Two last things, about the article. The article explained the progression of the Internet, which I found quite useful, and helped me understand Tron Legacy better. We went to go see it in 3D for anniversary, it cost $29 for our tickets, and I almost had a heart attack. We also went hot tubbing, which was fun, it was very cold outside and sprinkling in that Seattle rain way, but the water was plenty warm.
Last piece from the article, it said, "Zuckerberg is part of the last generation of human beings who will remember life before the Internet, though only just. He was born in 1984 " I too was born in 84, so I sort of feel like a failure for not inventing something like facebook.  But the point of that quote is, that is my claim to fame, the last generation of human beings who remember life before the Internet.  Yes, I remember getting AOL as a kid, I remember having no internet after my parents canceled AOL, I remember getting comcast cable internet before any of my friends.  One of the coolest things about my father is we were always up on the technology.  I never remember not having a computer in our house but I remember getting the internet, that is my claim to fame.  I also remember when we got the original iMac. Lets just say we were cool, cable internet and an iMac. Which back to my anniversary and husband is why Brent and I are perfect for each other.  I hate slow computers, slow internet, and bad screen quality.  Brent is always upgrading our computers, we always have at least one computer per person in our house, and we have fast internet. Not to mention I really love watching Blu-rays on our super nice TV.

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