Friday, January 14, 2011

Old Notes

Years ago, I took notes from a church meeting on a scrap of paper in my purse.  I want to throw away the paper so I'm typing the notes here:

  1. Don't feel guilty about what you don't do
  2. Things that are important will always happen
  3. waiting is a gift of downtime
  4. revisit goals every month or day even
  5. Give time off and have rewards when finished with a project
  6. File things immediately
  7. Ask what is the best use of my time

By the way if you use an RSS reader, you are going to end up with a lot of old posts of mine.  I have a tendency to start posts and forget to publish, but some I want in my blog book, so feel free to read or skip.  Whatever, sorry if I clog up your RSS reader.

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