Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Quote of the Day

J: We can't move far away.
Me: Why not?
j: Because all the stuff in the fridge will dry out.
Me: giggling, I think we'll throw out the stuff in the fridge if we move far away
J: But I like the ice cream, I want to move it, BAWL! Screaming and crying
Me: Don't worry we'll eat the ice cream first and buy new stuff once we move
J: Ok, I like the three flavor kind

I for the life of me can figure out who taught J to like neapolitan.
Before this he was talking about his bestfriend at preschool and their playdate tomorrow.  I thought he wouldn't want to leave him, but no he was concerned about the ice cream.  Do you think ice cream is code for friends?  In case you didn't catch that the quote of the day, is "all the stuff in the fridge will dry out".

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