Thursday, January 13, 2011

No good at Sabbatical

My family needed to be updated.

  • Nan officially gave up her highchair booster seat, she still isn't tall enough but between a week of vacation without it, and her dad being gone for a week directly afterward freeing up his chair so she never sat in her chair.  It was officially over, she wouldn't touch the seat with a ten foot pole except when I took it off and she tried to put it back on.  She wasn't ready for the end of an era.  The seat has lifts and all though I would shake the food out from under it, I never wiped it.  Which in retrospect was a bad idea, it took a little chemical soaking and a pampered chef brown scrappy thing. I looked forward to the day she would out grow it for months, I was going to give it away afterward and it would be one less thing.  Then push came to shove and although I'm not planning any children for another year or so, I can finally dream about a baby in a year instead of dread it, so instead I threw the seat in the bath tub and scrubbed it down good.  I don't think its look so good since I pulled it out of the box, I definitely didn't clean it off that good after J grew out of it.  The real reason I kept it, is I'm cheap and didn't want to buy a new one in two years.  I knew I would be annoyed if I had to spend $15 on another.  Not to mention I like it because it doesn't have seams.  So Nan is officially highchair less, her pants are cleaner, but her shirts are messier.
  • I've always been hesitant to put this in the family history, but it needs to be said so we can watch the signs in the future.  My son is a hoarder, but my husband and I try to keep it in order. He is always on the hunt for trash, and use to come out of the craft store with his pudgy little hands full of spilled beads and broken flowers, and lint buddies.  I allowed it to happen, because it was the garbage off the flower, he never once broke anything to collect.  He got stressed out enough this summer he started collecting lint again.  The last time he did it was when his sister was a newborn and crying all the time.  Today I realized he was stock piling newspapers under the craft desk.  He has multiple "treasure boxes" full of odds and ends, that I periodically "organize" to make room for the new.  Whenever he can't find something he blames me for throwing it away.  Although I dejunk plenty usually the item he is looking for is just misplaced, not thrown away. Although guilty as charged, J and my dad found out they have another thing in common other than being Logan babies, their mothers throw/threw away their toys.
  • There is a chance we might move once my husband finishes school.  So we have been dreaming and looking at real estate some more. The positive thing is we would be in driving distance to all of our family except maybe three of my siblings. Although a move would obviously mean more travel time to Brent's siblings and parents, we would only be 9 hours away, but finally be close enough for some of my family.  Right now we are hoping for a promotion in a few months.  My husband and I both have senioritis and are both making mental wish lists and plans for graduation. Not to mention right now I often think, why do you even need to go to class, we are close enough to finishing right?
  • My daughter perks up and becomes more pleasant during december, I guess with the constant flow of parities and presents with Christmas and her birthday, but then gets a bad case of post holiday blues come January.  She is on her third January, and always makes the rest of us miserable with her constant January screams.  I think she might be getting her 2 year old molars, but I haven't really stuck my fingers in to feel.
  • She tripped in target the other day and face planted on a clothing rack foot, she has sad scratches on her face. Its sad.
  • She sucks her thumb so much and its so dry and wintery that her thumb is red, crusty, cracked and flaky, it looks awful, and I'm sure it doesn't feel pleasant at all.
  • J is learned to read and can sound out quite a few words, and is picking up quite a few sight words, but we are still a while away from independent reading, but its still very exciting and he is making great progress.  Over Christmas he said I need a piece of paper, I need to write cat.  He walked out of the hotel bedroom holding a hotel note pad, in which he had sounded out and wrote Cat, all by himself.
  • Brent has worked two nights in a row on top of his normal 40 hours, needless to say is exhausted and looks exhausted and doesn't even bother changing out of his pajamas he is so tired. Remember he works at home. I feel bad for the poor guy but I'm glad he is willing to work so hard. 
  • I think I have postpartum carpel tunnel.  Yes I do know that I'm not in postpartum. Carpel tunnel is a traditionally a work accident ailment, but in recent years it has been popping up more and more in new moms and even in other primary care givers of infants.  They think it has to do with the increase weight of babies these days.  Well my daughter is hardly a baby, but she is probably a 23 lbs now, something that many infants reach before age 1.  I didn't think it was related to her, until I tried to lift her out of her carseat today, and I almost dropped her from the pain in my hand/wrist. I'm going to have to come up with a new way to get her out of her carseat.  I must admit sometimes I dream about a new carseat for her, because it would be easier to get her out. I know I have such expensive taste, but her carseat doesn't expire for another two years so I'm sure we will not spend the money on a lower one. Although maybe my carpel tunnel comes from reading to much, I found it impossible to hold a book in my right hand today.  I guess I need to use my Nook, but I'm waiting for my cover, I don't want to ruin it. It clearly doesn't come from typing because it feels fine currently.
That is more than enough updates.


  1. You might enjoy reading Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things, by Frost and Steketee.

  2. Thanks for the reference I just read some informational on Amazon about it. It just reminded me as a toddler J use to collect his liquids. He could not function unless he had at least three cups of juice, milk, water, etc at the table when he was eating. I could dispose of the drinks unless he was a sleep and then he wanted them back at the next snack. It was quite bizarre and worried me, because that is a trait that children who have experience neglect. But I promise my child was never neglected. It was a bizarre phase but it didn't happened for too long.