Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm really quite sick of my hair, and planning to get it cut in the near future.  But I can't decide what to do with it, all you readers out there, that never comment will you once just for me tell me your opinion?  Even if I don't listen it doesn't mean I love you less. So here is my hair:
 I have spent a long time growing it out and once I saw my daughters birthday pictures I hated it.  I grew my hair out when I was 15-16 and then had a bad hair experiment and had cut it all off.  Then I grew it out 18-19 and cut it quite a bit at barely 20, and then really cut it off 20 and half.  Then I've pretty much been growing it out since my daughter was born.  I have dreams of getting it about two to three inches longer than it is, but always hate it when it gets to long and cut if off.  So I am cutting, and giving up on my goal, its just a bad goal for me. I'm try to decide to trim it three inches to a length I do enjoy or to cut it all off.  I am enjoying my pony tail, but other than that... not much currently.  Maybe I just need a trim and then I'll enjoy the length again, without all the split ends.  Last summer I really loved the pictures of my hair. But now, I'm bored.
When I look around at other styles the only ones I like are long or this, I really like this hair cut of kiera knightley,  we have different shaped heads though, so I keep putting my finger or her face to see what the just the hair looks like. I might just go crazy and cut off all my hair.
Or I might just trim four inches off.
I don't want to cut off all my hair and then look like I have matching hair cut with Nan.
What do you, my beloved readers think?
I think I might do it, and then if nothing else, my hair grows fairly quick, by Christmas it would be to at least my shoulders and in a pony tail, and in less than three years from the cut it could be back at the current length.  When talking to Teresa in the past my opinion has been its only hair, and hair grows back.


  1. I think cutting off enough to donate is always a great choice. Don't like it? It went for a cause. Pantene only requires 8 inches

  2. Although that does sound great, I don't think I can donate my hair, because I got highlights three years ago.

  3. I vote to leave it as is. I like it long. Plus, if you cut it short you'll be responsible for styling it everyday, and that's a big commitment.

  4. If you are going to cut it off I think you should at least go for dreads first. That would be totally gnarly!

  5. I'm with Liz--you have to style short hair every day. Or buy a collection of hats.